Parking Lot Status

Current status for O'Hare parking lots is listed below. If multiple parking lots are full, consider:
  • Taking public transportation (CTA Blue Line, PACE, METRA)
  • Asking a friend or family member for pick-up and drop-off assistance
  • Using a rideshare app
  • Calling or hailing a taxi
Lot Status
Terminal 5 - Lot D Open
Economy H Temporarily Full
Economy G Temporarily Full
Economy F Temporarily Full
Daily Open
Hourly Open
Due to ongoing construction, parking at Lot D at Terminal 5 is extremely limited. If Lot D is full consider one of the following options if meeting international arrivers at Terminal 5:
  • Wait for free in Cell Phone Lot, 560 Bessie Coleman Dr.
  • Park in short-term parking at the Main Terminal and transfer to Terminal 5 on the ATS

O'Hare Parking